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In 2015, all 193 countries of the UN agreed on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to achieve a prosperous and sustainable future for all. The UN has outlined the plan with the SDGs. It’s predecessor the Millenial development goals, showed us the path, we are building on that foundation with a simple but effective idea. Through positivity, rationality, ambition, and empathy we aim to make it a norm for the world’s billionaires to allocate 1% of their net-wealth to close the SDG financing gap and eradicate extreme poverty before 2030.

It adds up for everyone involved, the positives outway the negatives, it is possible, and the outcomes will have a positive reinforcing impact all over the world.

Move Humanity aims to mobilize at least 1% of the wealth of the world’s richest individuals each year towards ending extreme poverty and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

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Our partners

We have a strong working relationship with our partners when it comes to addressing the SDGs. Our goal is the same, meet the SDGs and make the world a better place. Move Humanity is constantly looking to expand their partnership network. Get in touch today and let´s Move Humanity together

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