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About this website

This is the official website of Move Humanity, a global NGO with the goal of eradicating extreme poverty. The purpose of the website is to inform, educate and arouse users about the Sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the UN in 2015, and how we collectively, can achieve them.

All content and material published on this website are produced with care. Emphasis is placed on representing the cause through positivity, reliability, and transparency, with explicit and straightforward content. This site is an ongoing process meaning new material is added regularly and older material updated.

The scope of the website

This website is an ongoing process, the sitemap is prone to changes.
The central section is the front page, where all practical information about the initiative is listed. In the menu navigation users will find an about us section, join move humanity, roadmap, and contact us.
Users are encouraged to sent message through the contact us form for more information about Move Humanity.


This site is under review to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Move Humanity commits to abide by the guidelines.


Inquiries, suggestions, and/or questions can be submitted through the contact us form on the website or directly to the email; [email protected]

HTTPS – SSL Certificate

This website uses an SSL certificate and displays the https function in the URL bar. HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure protects the integrity and confidentiality of all information flowing between the user’s computer and the site, by encrypting all user interaction with the site.

Website security – Cookies

Move Humanity acts under the General data protocol regulation (GDPR), this web and all its content is hosted within the European Union. The site is connected to a Content Delivery Network (CDN), and static files and content are distributed to the user from the nearest network.

This site uses cookies. Cookies are used to enhance user experience on this website. By gathering data such as the user journey, bounce rate, individual site clicks and where the user comes from, we can better adjust our site to give the user the best possible journey through it. User preferences might be kept and tracking data shared with Google Analytics. We strive to keep this information safe, and no attempt will be made to connect this information to individuals.

Users can disable cookies in their browser, to do this we recommend looking up cookies in your browser help section.

Subscriptions: Sign-up form

Users can sign up through “Join Move Humanity” page and sign-up form. Automatic emails with news, practical information and updates are sent to registered email. Upon subscribing Move Humanity stores users information within the content management system. Unsubscribe button is presented with each email if users wish to unsubscribe.

Contact us – All communications

The contact us form submits messages to a Move Humanity representative, who receives the email for processing. The message/communication is stored in the CMS. Copies of the information and the user information is stored in the CMS until completion or no longer than necessary.

Links, reports, and other external documents

Move Humanity strives to publish relevant information on its site. All links, reports and other materials posted on the site from external links should be useful to the overall objectives of the site.
Note that Move Humanity is not responsible for the content of external links and the rules of this site does not apply to external links. Should users have queries about external links, Move Humanity encourage them to contact us.

Use of content

Move Humanity encourages its users to use the content on the site freely and help spread the message. We kindly ask users to acknowledge Move Humanity as the source.


Every effort is made to ensure the relevancy, truthfulness, and accuracy of the content on this site. However, this cannot always be guaranteed. Move Humanity is not responsible for any errors or oversights and is not responsible for any damage or loss resulting in the use of information on our site.

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