2019’s Move Humanity Conference

The world needs people that move towards transformation, and with The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the right resources, we can change the future. This week the Move Humanity 2019 Conference will be held on March 27th and 28th in Copenhagen.



About the Conference

The Move Humanity Conference this year will focus on the financing of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The changes and possible solutions to redistribute income and power from the world’s wealthiest people to the ones in minor conditions will be discussed. The action plan requires the application of a wealth taxation system and other financing tools to reduce the inequalities we see in our present world, and furthermore, the discussion of the changes needed to build prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable societies.

The event will bring together world leaders and organizations in the fight against inequality in global and national levels. To learn more about our guest speakers and the event click here.


Our goal for 2030

It is our purpose to bring all governments, institutions, communities, civil society and organizations together to work for the same objective by shifting the focus to end extreme poverty in the world, achieve decent work for everyone, reduce inequality in and between countries, promote justice, peace, and prosperity, and protect our natural environment. It can seem unachievable, but aiming at these 10 years is the way to bring all the people together and close the gap of inequality in the world.


The role of Move Humanity

As an organization, we are aiming to mobilize 1% of global wealth from the wealthiest people to the most unfortunate ones. We are looking to direct this 1% of their net worth each year towards the SDGs, and most importantly, establishing SDG-focused philanthropy as a global norm.


Our future depends on fair globalization.

António Guterres
UN Secretary-General

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